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Hermès — Silk Mix

Creative Direction • CREATIVE PRODUCTION

Silk Mix is an experience much like a classic record store — it’s all about browsing, listening and discovering. But at Silk Mix, Hermès scarves illustrate record sleeves and silk ties adorn cassettes as shoppers discover the sounds from decades of runway shows past.

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Reinforce Hermes as a beacon of luxury with enough cultural cachet to throw a downtown party to rival anything you’d find in Brooklyn. According to Christophe Goineau, Hermès’ creative director of men’s silks, “the idea was merely to parallel different experiences of pleasure and appeal to the senses.”

How it Works: 
This audiophile experience involved far more than what met the eye. When dropping a needle to a record, hidden RFID technology seamlessly queued up music relevant to the artwork on the vinyl’s sleeve. How did it determine what’s “relevant” to a silk sleeve? As far as Hermes goes, the artwork made a tie-back to the runway tunes that accompanied the debut of each collection piece.

Production by Invisible North
Creative Direction: Steven Phan